Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Spanked at the airport parking lot

On Saturday, after I successfully started charging my guy's cell phone from my car, he suggested that we get into the treehouse, which is the backseat of my car. We had to wait for the tow truck to arrive and my car was our waiting area.

We held hands and kissed. He then started a conversation.
"We might as well get to your punishment before the tow truck gets here," he said, signalling me to go over his knee.
"Why? I'm a good girl for coming over to see you, giving you some Diet Coke to drink, and keeping you company," I reasoned.
"You're still a bad girl. Come here," he said, swatting my butt as I went over his lap.
My punishment was hard and fun, all rolled into one.
"You didn't want to talk to me on Skype on Friday," he stated factually, as the hard smacks took place.
"I couldn't. It was a long, busy day," I argued, as he continued to alternate smacks on each buttock.
"When I want to talk to you, you have no choice but to talk to me. You're mine," he told me, with more hard smacks.
It hurt. I absolutely loved it, especially when he wanted me to admit that I was a bad girl and I resisted. 

Finally, he stopped and made me reach orgasm. I enjoyed it. I was highly lethargic afterwards, which made my guy proud that he had accomplished his mission. He seemed more relaxed under the circumstances, too.

We kissed some more. He had the sweetest, softest lips to kiss. I looked over and saw three people with suitcases behind my car. I ducked, which made my guy chuckle.

The tow truck guy called. My guy's phone now had 8% battery life. Moments later, the tow truck guy was here.

It turns out that he used a small, flat screwdriver to pop the cover that revealed the key slot on the driver's side. Using my guy's car key, he was able to get into his car. His car needed a boost from the tow truck guy. It looked like the battery died.

Everything worked out well. My guy could drive off, making a stop at Costco for a new car battery. We got some quality time and we made each other feel good.

We had the nicest, longest hug and kiss before we got into our respective cars. It was the type that quietly meant welcome back, I have missed you, I love you, and everything will be fine.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Driving over to my guy's car at the airport and getting a few lovetaps for being good

Our scheduled meeting on Saturday afternoon did not go as planned. My guy called me from the parking lot at the airport and told me that his car was dead. He couldn't unlock it. The anti-theft system wasn't responding to his remote. He had a physical key, but both my guy and the CAA (Canadian Automobile Association) guy could not find the lock on the car to use it.

I asked my guy whether he wanted me to drive over to be with him. At first, he didn't think it was a good idea because the tow truck was going to tow his car back to his town. He then said that he felt guilty that I had driven such a long way to see him. I told him not to worry, as he didn't plan to have issues with his car.

My guy was obviously tired after a long trip back from Stockholm. He wanted to just get in his car and drive off. He was then okay with my dropping by.

Since my guy is directionally challenged, trying to tell me which parking lot he is at was difficult. He told me that he was across the street from a terminal, which threw me off. I eventually figured out that he was parked at the departures level by the terminal in the daily parking lot.

My challenge was trying to find the up ramp to get to the seventh floor. The signage was completely messed up. Eventually, I figured it out.
"Which parking stall number are you parked at again?" I asked my guy, as we were on the phone the whole time I was driving over.
"G 46," he replied.
"Ah, I see your butt," I replied, as my guy was bent over his computer bag. "Best view all day. Okay, I'm going to hang up."
My guy looked relieved to see me. He came over and groped my butt, which turned me on.
"I need my cell phone charged," he replied. He knows that I have a micro USB cable in my car.
"Sure," I said, taking his phone.
I bent over to insert my car keys in the ignition, and found my cable that has both a micro USB and lightning tips. I thought to myself that the position that I was in would be good for spanking. My guy helped himself and smacked my butt.
"Hey, I'm a good girl for charging your cell phone," I said, smiling at him.
"Yes, but you're my bad girl," he said, giving me a couple more smacks for good measure.
We hugged and kissed while we charged his cell phone at 3% power. There is more to come.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Working overtime means a shorter post!

I was hoping to chat on Skype with my guy on Friday. Unfortunately, the various software releases at work kept me busy. Instead, we texted on Skype.

I worked nearly 11 hours on Friday. Our team ended up having a pizza lunch. I did the ordering and expensed the lunch. I also got to bring the leftovers home, which was essentially a medium pizza and nearly a 2 litre bottle of Diet Pepsi.

My guy's flight lands in the early afternoon on Saturday. It'll be great to see him again.

I am tired, so this post will be kept short. Off to bed, I go!

Friday, September 23, 2016

Busy at work for both of us

My guy and I seem to be in sync even apart. I saw him online and asked why he was up so late.

He had to put together an unplanned presentation tomorrow for clients in Stockholm. As for me, I worked over thirteen hours at the office on yet another software release.

The good news is that my boss approved dinner for my colleague and me. We ended up walking over to a new East Indian restaurant. It was decent food.

Needless to say, my guy and I couldn't chat. We know how work can get hectic, whether in the office on away from the base.

We get to talk on Friday. We see each other on Saturday, so it's not a bad thing.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Travel, ruler, soreness, video, and jetlag

My guy is in Stockholm this week. We have fond memories of spending a week together a few years ago.

On Tuesday, we chatted on Skype. He asked me how long it took for the soreness to go away after my hard spanking with a purple ruler. The soreness lasted nearly three days. He told me that he was pleased and would spank me again when he is back in town.

He called me while working out at the gym, which is a five-minute walk from his hotel. While he was walking back, he turned on Skype's video feature on his phone. It was great to see his sweet face, warm smile, and perfectly uniform head.

He surprised me by taking a video shot of his head from above. It was sweet of him. I miss caressing it.

He was less jetlagged yesterday. Here's hoping that he continues to adjust as the week progresses.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

A hard spanking with a new, purple ruler

Last Friday afternoon was a fun spanking session. I drove my guy and me to a parking lot that we know is pretty quiet. I parked and we got into the backseat.

My guy looked incredibly good-looking. We kissed. He got to touch my tummy, which he loves to do. I got to caress his head and chest.
"I forgot to get my ruler," I replied.
"We need it. Do you have one in your car?" he asked me.
"Yes, I generally have one in my glove compartment."
I stood up and stretched over to the glove compartment. I went searching for it.
"I like this view," my guy said.
"I don't seem to see my wooden ruler," I replied.
My guy gave me several hand swats while I was bent over. Eventually, I found a ruler, but a different one.

A while back, I had bought a purple Poppin ruler. It is made out of thick acrylic. I got it on sale for $4.90, as stated on its little plastic pouch.

I handed the purple ruler to my guy. He spanked me with it over my tight jeans. It is an excellent spanking implement. It hurt. I was sore, wet, and horny.
"I love this ruler," my guy said, continuing to spank me.
"It hurts!" I replied.
"Good! I won't stop spanking you with this ruler until you admit that you're a bad girl," he replied.
"But, I'm good," I whine.
"You are bad, bad, bad," he told me, punctuating each word with a hard smack.
"No, I'm good, good, good!" I replied.
"No, you are a bad, bad girl," he repeated, giving me another three swats.
"Good, good, good!" I exclaimed.
"You are bad, good, bad," he said.
"Hey, you said that I'm good!" I noted.
"It was a slip!" he exclaimed.
"Nope, I'm good, good, good!"
So, my spanking ended earlier that my guy would have liked. However, it gave me a chance to rub my sore bottom and spend some time holding him in a wonderful, sweet kiss.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Wakey wakey versus wacky wacky

Last week at work was pretty hectic. I was supposed to work from home on Friday, but got sucked in to a team lunch thanks to my manager.

My guy (MG) had already indicated that he was going out for lunch with a bunch of colleagues who were in the same training session as he was. However, we both didn't know that I would be in the office until I broke the news to him in an instant message chat.
Me: Just thought I'd say hi and wakey wakey.
MG: Thanks, Cutiebootie. Your wakey wakeys are always welcome :)
Me: I need a wakey wakey today, too!
MG: Are you sure that you don't need a wacky wacky?
Me: I'd like that, but I'm good =?
MG: Not even close
Me: Yes. Me = good!
MG: You = good at work
Me:  Nooo. If I were bad, I'd be sore all week. It hasn't happened. So, I'm good!
MG: We could fix that sometime today.
So, yes, it was a wacky wacky afternoon for us.